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Heli Southwest Ltd, the leading UK sales team for Helicopter and Professional Aircraft Sales. We are a Devon based company who predominantly work from Dunkeswell (EGTU). But have successful sales in the USA, Germany and other European countries.

Due to a fantastic start to 2019 we are now looking for additional aircraft to list and/or buy. We currently have £3,000,000 GBP ready and waiting to acquire helicopters.

Heli Southwest is an established company that gives the General Aviation audience a better buying and selling experience. We have a sales team that will go above and beyond to ensure both buyer and seller are happy and a showroom hangar in which we provide a ‘store and sell program’. This allows us to store the aircraft for the seller free of charge, the aircraft gets looked after and kept clean and presentable and we also insure the aircraft whilst we have it in our care. This programme has proven to be very successful and generally makes the buyer feel more comfortable, ensuring a positive sale!

Options available to sellers are:-

Selling your aircraft to us for stock or to use our Brokerage service which includes our ‘store and sell program’, the aircraft is listed on our website and our social media channels along with classified publications (  AvBuyer , GaBuyer , Planecheck ) with a combined audience of 15000 hits per day to which we have over 4000 website subscribers.

We complete all the relevant paperwork (sales contracts, Invoicing, CAA paperwork etc.) which in turn means you, as the seller will not have these small issues to contend with and you are confident in the knowledge that we are a reputable and trustworthy company making a positive difference in the Aviation Industry.

If you are interested in selling an aircraft, please complete the form on this page or contact us by phone on: 07808 788996 or by email:

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